Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 10 Professions for Men that the Girls feel are really Hot

Hi All,
The eternal question that remains to be answered is what does a Woman look for. Well, even God himself has lost hope trying to find the answer, so for us mere mortals, it is better that, Let's not Try .....
However, we can definitely find out the Top 10 Professions that these God's most Beautiful and equally Complicated creation think are really Hot for them ... ;-)

(Note :- We are looking at the Profession in general and we are certainly not really looking at any specific instances only)

10. Architect

The mere Artistry and the ability with which the Architects create true form of beauty out of mere Bricks & Mortars make them truely appealing. The way they can see and percieve beauty in the least possible situations and the determination with which they convert the Dreams into the Reality truly set them apart and make them blazing Hot !!!!! Girls simply cannot help but love the Artist hidden within these Architects' mind. The dream of watching the Sunset on a beautiful quiet evening on the rooftop of a beautiful House make the Girls dream about the artistry of the Architect too ...

9. Doctor

The clinical, honourable and methodical Life of the Doctors attract a plenty. Not to mention their ability to cure the people. Also the fact that, the charming reassuring presence of a Doctor induces Hopes in people, gets the Girls really smitten ... You cannot but ignore a Doctor in any case, and if he is good in his profession he is already in a Girl's dream .....

8. Rock Star

Rockstars are Celebrities ... They are the loved for their performances, their skills, their talents, their good habits, their bad habits, their eccentricity and their Lifestyle .... Some girls like them, some girls don't, but girls notice them definitely, for whatever be the reason .....

7. Scientist

Girls perhaps always inherit the motherly nature in them, that make them inevitably love these Eccentric Geniuses. The Scientists may be self-indulgent sometimes, but the otherwise boyish charm mixed with the fragrance of a Genius work superbly on a Girl's mind. Girls cannot help but fall for the complex thought process of the scientist's mind along with the simplicity in otherwise.

6. Professor

How many Girls can truly claim that they did not have a Crush on any of the Professor they ever met ??? Be their charming presence, or reassuring pep-talks or honey-dew voice or handsome features or academic brilliance or the loving guidance; the Professors always create a crush on a young Girl's mind. Also the respectable job that a Professor has, act as an added boost for the Girls to fall for them.

5. Young Business Personality

The Established, Independent young Businessmen are always very attractive for the Girls. The thinking visionary image of a self-made Businessman pulls chord like anything on a Girl's mind. These guys are determined, they are practical, they are daring, they are logical, they are self-esteemed and they are dependable. Also usually these self-made Business personalities are devastatingly charming. Pretty exciting for the girls ...

4. Sports Star

People love their Sports Stars and Girls easily go crazy over them. Sports Stars are just like common man who rises up to the occassions to live up to the dreams of their Supporters. The dedication, skills, talent and love that they possess for their Sports, increase their Appeal by Ten-Fold.

The Sports Stars are almost like celebrities and National Icons in quite a few Nations. Hence they are Rich & Famous there, but the Love for Sports is universal, hence they are Loved around the Globe by the Sports followers. Also the Machismo and Charisma that they demonstrate on the ground easily bowls the audience over. The crowd feel the pride as much and pain equally with the Player himself. Obviously Sports Stars remain some of the hottest spectacle for the admiring Girls. So very few guys can match up to the aura that some of the Sports Person carry along with ... Truly Hot !!!!!

3. Military Officer

Men in Uniform are always honoured, but Girls find them terribly Sexy too. Particularly the military officers often enjoy being the Man of Dreams for many Girls alike. Uniforms means not only Safety & Security, but also Stability, Reliability, Discipline, Honour and Dedication as well. The factor, that these guys enforces the Defense of the Nation with their Iron Hands simply works in their favour.

The Fact that these fearless men rise above their mortal abilities to Protect their country and countrymen and they stand up to the worst of the challenges like a real Man, makes them utterly irresistable. When it comes to Danger to the common man, these real heroes come to the forefront and tackles the situation. They are Smart, Well-Mannered, Active, Tough, Brave and Dedicated. Hence they become the choice of the nicest of the Ladies around. Everyone loves their Heroes, hence Uniform comes in more than handy when it comes to their Appeal ..... :-)

2. Racing Bike/Car Driver

Stylish, Glamourous, Suave, Smart, Gentle or Charismatic, Smooth, Cavalier, Cool, Charming; whatever be the case, these Racers have them all. They are the perfectly cool mind in a perfectly Hot Profession. And the most thrilling part is that these guys are devastatingly Fast in the Track. These guys are methodical yet Rule-breaker, they are clinical yet cavalier, they are restrained yet charming, they are boyish yet understanding, they are ruthless yet friendly, they are Hot yet Loving. No wonder Girls easily fall for these scorching Racers.

Girls may deny their liking for these Beautiful Fast Machines, but the fact is that they also equally crave for them. That is why may be they so love the Drivers/Riders so much ... It is only that, they can not stand their Man spending more time with these magnificient machines than with them. Hence they openly state their dislike or ignorance about the Fast Cars & Fast Bikes ...
However, when the Girls see these awesome men scorching the Race Track and negotiating all the dangerous feats with utmost perfection they get bowled over. These Fast men with 'Heart of Gold' & 'Nerves of Steel' are the second most favourite for the gorgeous Girls ...

1. Top Job :- Air Force Pilot

Do I really need to say anything about these guys flying high with the fastest of the machines. Glamour all the way !!!!!
They are Brave, they are Stylish, they are Enigmatic, they are Sharp, they are Energetic, they are Smart, they are Charming, they are Thrilling, they are Admired and they are Precious ... The best a Girl can get ..... :-)

No Girl can really deny their secret admiration for the men in Uniform, and when it comes to the Top Flight Officers, the Girls somehow cannot resist themselves but fall for the finest sons of their Countries.

Sorry dude, if you are not in the List ...

Satadru Roy